Further Investing in Natural Cycles

Contraceptive app Natural Cycles in EUR 25 million second round of investment.

Natural Cycles, since being approved in February as the first digital contraceptive app in Europe, has shown powerful growth with over 500,000 users in 161 countries to date.
The company was founded by CERN researcher (and married couple) Elina Berglund and Raoul Scherwitzl, who have developed a mathematical algorithm that can analyze every woman’s menstrual cycle. The company’s mission is to provide a natural and effective contraceptive and to help women better take control over their own bodies.
The company, which hit another milestone in October 2017 when it became available on pharmacy shelves in Sweden alongside other contraceptives, has just finished a large EUR 25 million international investment round led by EQT Ventures, with Bonnier Growth Media as part of the round. Other investors include Sunstone and E-ventures.
“We’re very pleased with Natural Cycles’ successes and its strong growth, where Elina, Raoul and the team work with a strong focus on data and tremendous drive, which have yielded strong results,” says Ulrika Saxon, CEO for Bonnier Growth Media. “We at Bonnier Growth Media have been involved since May 2016, when we made our first investment in Natural Cycles, and are very pleased to continue to support the company going forward.”

Bonnier Ventures