United Screens Launches Music Network

United Screens Music Network is the Nordic region's first dedicated music network on YouTube.

United Screens Music Network will work closely with artists, record labels and other music and management companies and help them to optimize copyright, advertiser partnerships and payment and subscription solutions on Youtube. Jenny Ericsson, who has been work with United Screens since start, will lead United Screens Music Network and Head of Music.

"It's very exciting to start a pure music network on YouTube, which also will be the first of its kind in Sweden and the Nordic countries. We have seen that YouTube and other online video platforms are becoming an increasingly higher priority for musicians, artists and music and management companies", says Malte Andreasson, CEO and co-founder, United Screens.

United Screens Music Network will from the start include some 100 partners, including Zara Larsson, Alesso, Bob Dog, Ten Group, Refune, PelleK and Frog Leaps Studio.

Bonnier Growth Media