Abios Launches eSports App on iOS

The App is the most diverse coverage app in the esports scene and brings all of the familiar functions of the Abios website and extension into the palm of your hand.

Abios, the one-stop-shop for esports and esports data reseller, today launched an iOS App under the same name with the most diverse esports coverage available. The new App will bring more than 3000 of the best esports matches and events to users every month, including streams, scores and more. This allows users to follow their favourite players, teams and tournaments and get notified the second they go live.

The Abios App will complement Abios’ already popular coverage features, providing the best possible way to follow esports. The App has several incorporated streaming platforms such as Twitch, Hitbox, Azubu, MLG and Daily Motion. All matches and their streams are always one click away. The Abios Chrome extension alone pushes more than 250,000 tailored notifications per month to users who have set up their preferences.

“We know people are passionate about esports and have really enjoyed our website and browser extension where they can follow everything from LoL to CSGO, CoD and Smash, this App is a natural extension to that and we believe esports fans will love it.” says Anton Janér, founder and CTO at Abios.

Download the app here.

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