New Collab | Toca Boca + Colleagues

Toca Boca's latest collab is a beautiful first: Swedish band Colleagues's new video is inspired by the magical Toca Nature app.

Swedish band Colleagues just released their new video for “Align,” a beautiful, atmospheric track from their upcoming EP, “Visits.” Both the song and the video were inspired by Toca Boca’s beautiful, atmospheric creation: the Toca Nature app.

“We always try to work with artists that inspire our music, which is why we wanted to collaborate with Toca Boca,” the band said. “We admire the company’s playfulness, and it was a great opportunity to work with a group of creative, talented people.”

The video for “Align” is set entirely in Toca Nature, an app that invites kids to create and nurture a natural habitat. Toca Nature is both beautiful and hopeful, but also depicts an isolated piece of land in the middle of space. This contrast served as inspiration for both the song and music video.