Announcing Abios Gaming

Bonnier Growth Media has invested in Abios Gaming, the one-stop shop for esports and gaming fans.

Among the startup companies in the rapidly growing e-sports market, Abios Gaming has taken a unique position as the liaison between streaming platforms and the eports crowd. Bonnier Growth Media has now invested in Abios Gaming, with the founders remaining as majority owners.

“Esports started to really take off as a global phenomenon about three years ago, and today there is a rapidly growing digital infrastructure around it, with streaming services, major tournaments and a thriving sponsorship market. We were fostered in that culture and founded Abios while studying at Stockholm School of Economics and the Royal Insitute of Technology. We believe we have managed to establish a unique service that the audience appreciates and comes back to,” says Oscar Fröberg, CEO of Abios Gaming. “We are very excited about this partnership with Bonnier Growth Media, and look forward to their continued support and engagement with the expansion that we’re facing.”

“The market for esports is still in its infancy and growing rapidly, reaching millions of young men on a global stage, an audience that traditional media have difficulties attracting. We have gotten to know the team behind Abios Gaming for the past few months and been impressed by their great knowledge of and commitment to this fast growing market,” says Ulrika Saxon, CEO of Bonnier Growth Media.

Abios Gaming was recently praised by The Daily Dot, which called the site “the one-stop shop for esports streaming”

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