Spoon Produces for Riksteatern

This week sees the launch of the Swedish National Theatre's new magazine "Scenen". Spoon is behind the magazine's concept and production.

Each year, the Swedish National Theater (Riksteatern) has over one million visitors and with over 40,000 members, it is a vastly popular movement that engages many. Its new member magazine “Scenen” aims at highlighting contemporary performing arts that can be enjoyed at Riksteatern, as well as at other theaters in the industry.

“We wanted to make a magazine that could be broad and simultaneously dive into specific artistic expressions”, says Magnus Aspegren, Managing Director of Riksteatern. “Scenen is about spreading information about performing arts throughout Sweden, to all our members”, he says.

“We hope that Scenen will intrigue its readers to see, listen to and experience all kinds of performing arts,” says Marie Blomgren, Project Manager at Spoon.

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