Stars 2014 | Bonnier Accelerator

Announcing the winners of Bonnier Accelerator 2014 - Abios Gaming and Codarica.

Abios Gaming and Codarica are set as this year’s startups for Bonnier Accelerator. We’re happy to welcome founders Oskar Fröberg, Anton Janér and Birger Myrberg from Abios Gaming; and Rosalyn Knapp, Lovisa Levin and Sanna Nilsson from Codarica.

Abios Gaming went live with in August 2013 and aims to be the industry standard and go-to place for gaming enthusiasts who want to keep up with the latest tourneys, matches and teams on the eSports scene, including live matches.

With storytelling and engaging characters, Codarica produces educational material to teach children 5-10 to code, making coding more accessible and less intimidating while puncturing stereotypes. Codarica has launched an e-book in Swedish and English and has an app in development with more planned for the future.

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