Announcing United Screens

Bonnier Growth Media backs a new multichannel network and a dream team of founders.

Bonnier Growth Media is proud to announce its latest joint venture United Screens, a new multichannel network founded together with former Google and YouTube Sweden CEO Stina Honkamaa, former TV4 program director Malte Andreasson, and TV production veterans Jan Zachrisson and Oscar Höglund.

Using YouTube as a platform United Screens will bring professional rights holders, audiences, and advertisers together online using a business model built for the web that is sustainable for everyone.

“In a world where viewers are demanding more and more digital video content, in and on every thinkable format, screen and channel, we’re creating unique possibilities for content creators, advertisers and consumers,” says Ulrika Saxon, CEO for Bonnier Growth Media. “I’m convinced that United Screens, and the dream team behind it, have an amazing chance to take advantage of these fantastic possibilities.”

Bonnier Growth Media