New Partnership Between Refunder & Paypal

Starting today, Refunder members have the option to transfer their cashback to their PayPal accounts.

The cashback can be used to make purchases in any of Paypal’s affiliated stores, transfer to other Paypal users or send to their bank accounts for withdrawal.

“Our business idea is to let our members take part of the millions of dollars in circulation when e-retailers and advertising networks market their products or services. Instead of buying advertising space on a website, the online store can offer Refunder’s members compensation to the shop at their specific store. Since PayPal has over two million active accounts in Scandinavia, we believe this cooperation will be appreciated by many”, says Victor Dahlborg, co-founder of Refunder.

“PayPal is constantly working to provide our users with ease and control. Refunder offers its members a way to take control of how they choose to shop. This is a smarter form of e-commerce, which we believe that our Swedish users will appreciate”, says Mårten Barkman, CEO of PayPal in Scandinavia.

Bonnier Growth Media