Announcing Mag+ 5.0

Fresh user interface, new storefront, real-time communication, deeper analytics fuel success.

Mag+ today released version 5.0 of its platform for creating mobile applications for touchscreen devices. All the robust changes in Mag+ 5.0 focus on helping clients to better engage their users, bolster conversions and increase sales. Offering a richer in-app storefront and real-time newsfeed, new marketing tools and more, Mag+ continues its drive to make content owners of all kinds successful in the app ecosystem.

The most visible change in Mag+ 5.0 is a compelling new interface for its white-label reader app, which includes a more customizable storefront for document and issue management, as well as a full-screen newsfeed window for delivering more frequent content updates. The storefront and library have been combined into one space offering much more real estate for featured issues, promotional banners and publication previews.

The release includes several other improvements to the platform, including new creative toolset features and major upgrades to the Android reader apps, which makes simultaneous design of iOS and Android apps faster and easier. For a complete list of changes and a 5.0 video introduction, click here. Mag+ 5.0 is immediately available there is no charge for the upgrade for existing customers.

Bonnier Growth Media