WeSC Publishes With Mag+

Global street fashion brand WeSC uses Mag+ to take its quarterly print magazine to whole a new level.

WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy (WeSC) has launched iPad and iPhone editions of its quarterly print magazine – The Superlative Conspiracy Magazine using the Mag+ digital publishing platform. Download the app here. 

Designed for ultility and beauty, the apps are packed with high quality, fully interactive features including videos, music, still photography, articles, city guides, sharing tools and easy to use e-commerce functionality.

“Our brand is created by, with and for people who make music, art, skateboard, create things, and we like to share their stories as well as our own. This is what makes a brand – it’s what makes WeSC what it is today. The Superlative Conspiracy Magazine is our way of gathering all the creativity and people who inspire us all in one place – and telling their stories. This is what the app is all about: sharing the stories further on a new digital platform, something we are very excited about,” says Greger Hagelin – CEO and Co-Founder of WeSC.

“This app is an exciting example of what’s happening as the custom content sector takes off,” says Gregg Hano, Mag+ CEO. “Apps are coming from previously unexpected places – arts venues, museums, conferences, film and music – anywhere that quality creative content, easily delivered, can help existing and new audiences engage with the brands they love. When brands that keep well ahead of the status quo like WeSC take up Mag+, digital publishing’s future is right on the horizon.”

Bonnier Growth Media