Introducing Sago Mini

Sago Sago, Toca Boca's new sister studio, launches its first line of apps.

Sago Sago, the newly launched sister studio to Toca Boca based in Toronto, Canada is proud to annouce the launch its first new series of apps “Sago Mini” with the release of Sago Mini Sound Box (Watch the trailer here and download the app here.).  The Sago Mini series is aimed at preschool-aged users, and is free from in-app purchases and third-party advertising. 

“The apps are designed for open-ended play and are modeled after toys rather than traditional books or video games,” says CEO Jason Krogh. “They invite kids to explore at their own pace and are free of instructions and rules.”

Sago Mini Sound Shaker is free for now, and will be followed by the launch of Sago Mini Forest Flyer later this week. Plans are to release eight apps in the series by the end of 2013.

For the latest on Sago Sago visit their website, or follow them on Twitter at @sagosagotoys.

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