Bonnier Accelerator

Growth Media is excited about the Bonnier Accelerator.

This week Bonnier announced the latest initiative of the new Decide to Develop – D2D talent program, Bonnier Accelerator. The program is aimed both at entrepreneurs looking to turn a bold new media idea into reality, and at talented individuals excited to test out a Bonnier idea. The program will be accepting applications until May 15th, 2013. Participants will begin in September 2013, and will spend three intense months in a tailor-made program where they will get resources from Bonnier to develop their idea. What happens afterwards depends on the idea, the potential, and of course a mutual fit.

Bonnier Growth Media will likely mentor and host Accelerator projects, and is very excited about meeting the Accelerator talents. So if you’re looking for an entry point into Growth Media, or have an idea we just have to hear, read more and apply here!

Bonnier Growth Media