R&D to Growth Media

Bonnier Growth Media and R&D Join Forces.

To strengthen Bonnier’s business development within digital media, Bonnier R&D has become part of the new business area Bonnier Growth Media. Bonnier R&D will focus in the future primarily on Bonnier Growth Media’s prioritized growth areas: Tools & Leads, Kids Media, Online Gaming, and Rights & Moving Pictures.

The task of R&D is to provide insights into how the industry will change over a six- to 18-month period, as well as to initiate and run projects that take advantage of the possibilities created by the change.

“R&D has worked with a clear focus on change within our existing business areas,” says Sara Öhrvall, head of Bonnier R&D. “The time has come now to focus completely on new business. With R&D as part of Bonnier Growth Media, we can increase the tempo and quickly gear up business internationally. It will create a multiplier effect that will open up opportunities in business areas where Bonnier isn’t working today.”

“Bonnier Growth Media’s mandate is to find profitable expansion in media areas that are growing,” says Ulrika Saxon, CEO for Bonnier Growth Media. “It’s a very promising step via the R&D team to further martial our forces when it comes to understanding the changing media landscape and make the right decisions about where we want to go.”

Bonnier Growth Media currently consists of 12 companies with turnover of some SEK 4 billion and with offices in Stockholm, New York, San Francisco, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, Malta and Bangkok. The companies include Spoon, Mag+, Tailsweep,Mobilab, Toca Boca, Brickmark, Bonnier Gaming, Svensk Filmindustri, Sonet Film,Scandinavian Studios, SF Bio and SF Anytime. Bonnier R&D has staff in Stockholm and San Francisco.

Bonnier Growth Media